Safe Browsing

Provide tips and tricks for safely browsing the internet. This could include guidance/suggestions on specific Do's & Dont's.

Web Security

This is aimed at folks involved in creating software for web and managing the same. Security controls needed on coding and managing the underlying webserver will be of great help.

Infrastructure Security

IT folks and Infrastructure Admins/SysAdmins can give in their problem areas and figure out ways collectively to solve.

Security Gamification

Learning is fun when it is done in the form of a game. Capture The Flag (CTF) or security challenges for newbies as well as experienced folks will be good for folks interested in learning various aspects.

What is #100DaysOfSecurity

This initiative is highly inspired by #100DaysOfCode which has reached more audience and helped folks achieve their objective.

Considering the large volumes of data breaches and security incidents that are happening, it is highly imperative that we collectively put in our mind, thoughts and action to minimize such incidents in future.

As a community of software developers, IT, SysAdmin, Security Specialists, GRC, Auditors and general internet users, we do have the potential to change this to benefit all. Suggestions or ideas on improving the various aspects of information security can be shared across for the benefit of all. These suggestions can be in the form of a tweet, facebook post, blog post,GitHub code,CTF challenges, articles etc .

Since folks will be putting in their time & effort, I am planning on releasing a small bonus at the end of first 30 days. This bonus will be decided by the folks who support and work on this challenge in a public poll. Oh well, to recieve the bonus everyone should ensure all their posts are following #100DaysOfSecurity community rules and tweeted with the hash tag #100DaysOfSecurity.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure & Support Each other !

#100DaysOfSecurity - Rules

Trinity Rules

Basic idea is to help and support each other through sharing knowledge and wisdom gained by experience and learning. Every day let us re-visit problems in information security and focus on that specifically.

Let us share our ideas on those problem elements and benefit from this collective problem solving challenge.

Learn or Share solutions/suggestions for solving Information Security Issues.
Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysOfSecurity hashtag.
Each day, reach out to at least two people on Twitter who are also doing the challenge

2018 (In)Security Numbers


Data Breaches


Xposed Emails & Credentials


Records Xposed

Focus Areas of #100DaysOfSecurity


Safe Internet Usafe


Minimize malware infection

Infrastructure Security

Secure Infrastructure

Security Gamification

Fun & easy way to learn

Let us help each other to solve our information security issues and reduce impact to ourselves personally and professionally.

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