Last Updated: 25-June-2023

Privacy Policy (PP)

At XposedOrNot (XON), we believe that transparency is the cornerstone of trust. This document is designed to keep things clear about how we handle your data, ensuring you can use our services with complete peace of mind.

Information Collection and Why We Do It

Direct Information: Whenever you sign up for our Alert Me or Domain Monitoring service, we request details like your email. This lets us get in touch and serve you better by alerting you of data breaches.
Device & Usage Metrics: When you visit XON, we automatically fetch non-personal data like your IP address, device type, and browser. This is standard for most websites and helps us optimize our platform for users like you.
Behavior Analytics: With the aid of cookies and tools, notably Google Analytics, we dive deep into usage patterns. This doesn't mean we know your personal browsing habits; rather, it helps us understand which features are hits and which need improvement.
Beta Phase Insights: Our partnership with Hotjar during our beta phase helps us fine-tune user experiences. Rest assured, they’re equally committed to respecting your privacy.

How and Why We Use Your Data

Safety Protocols: We'll promptly alert you about any data breaches.
Service Enhancement: We’re always looking to level up. Your data guides our improvements.
Demographics and Analysis: By understanding our audience, we can tailor-make experiences, but we'll never misuse this privilege.

Your Privacy: Our Commitment
Selling or sharing personal data? That's just not us. We'll shield your details from third parties unless there’s a legal imperative. And even then, we'll fight for your right to privacy.

Security Measures
At XposedOrNot (XON), ensuring the safety of your data isn’t just a commitment—it’s our ethos. Our approach to data security is multifaceted:

Technical Measures & Administrative Protocols:
Encrypted Connections: All communication between your device and our servers benefits from advanced encryption, providing a secure channel for your data.
Firewall Protections: Our platform operates on Google's robust infrastructure, further bolstered by Cloudflare's cutting-edge web appication firewall systems. This dual layer of defense actively identifies and wards off suspicious or malicious activities, ensuring a fortress-like environment for your data.
Up-to-date Security: Our API runs on Google's infrastructure, while static pages are hosted on Cloudflare. This serverless architecture model means the heavy lifting of security updates and optimizations is directly managed by giants like Google and Cloudflare, allowing us to benefit from their world-class security standards without any intermediary handling.
Minimal Data Interaction: We restrict data access to a need-to-know basis, ensuring that only API can interface with user data.
Harnessing these comprehensive measures, we aim to make your experience with XON not just beneficial but also secure.

Your Empowerment Over Data
We acknowledge and uphold your data rights, but it’s vital to understand how they apply to our platform:

Access and Review: To view any data associated with your email, simply use the search function on our homepage or our authenticated search if you’re logged in.
Modification: Discovered discrepancies? Reach out, and we'll take steps to rectify them.
Forget Me: Given the nature of our platform, completely erasing data isn’t feasible. Instead, we offer a Privacy Shield feature. Once enabled, it ensures your email address isn't publicly searchable.
Objections and Restrictions: If you’d rather certain data not be processed or displayed, activate the Privacy Shield. This acts as a protective barrier, preventing your email address from appearing in public searches.

Policy Evolutions
Our commitment to you means our Privacy Policy might change, reflecting new best practices or legal requirements. Whenever this happens, we'll communicate directly and transparently. So, keep an eye on our official policy page.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
XposedOrNot (XON) is a platform rooted in ethical values. We're all about promoting awareness around data breaches. By engaging with our services, you pledge to do so responsibly, abiding by our standards and the prevailing laws in your jurisdiction.
For further clarification or support needed on AUP & PP , please reach out to me in the following contacts provided below :

Email : deva @
Twitter : DevaOnBreaches